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The 7th China International Automotive Technology Expo 2020

Time:November17-20,2020Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China


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Visiting Time
Data Time
  • May 7, Thur. 09:00-16:30
  • May 8, Fri. 09:00-16:30
  • May 9, Sat. 09:00-16:30
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Smart Factory Expo 2020

AUTO TECH--Smart Factory Expo 2020
Time: May. 7-9,2020  
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China

The China Midwest 's  Only Exhibition for Industrie 4.0 / Industrial Internet Technologies !
-The Best Place to see the future of China's Manufacturing

AUTO TECH SMART FACTORY Expo is China 's leading exhibition gathering technologies and products related to smart factories such as IoT/M2M solutions, FA technologies, industrial robots, green energy solutions, and factory equipment, etc. It will be held within AUTO TECH 2020. 

Exhibit Profile
◆Machine vision: Sensors, RFID, machine vision integration, image processing systems, smart cameras, industrial lenses, boards
◆Internet of Things and Big Data: Industrial Internet Technology, Big Data Processing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence
◆Industrial software: factory integrated management software, industrial IT software, factory production software
◆Industrial robots: industrial robots, robot simulation and vision systems, robot parts
◆System integration: automated production integration, automation control system integration
◆Intelligent warehousing and logistics: intelligent three-dimensional storage AGV, internal logistics automation

Visitor Profile
Following manufacturers:
•Automotive Components
•Buses and Trucks
•Manufacturing & Production Tech.
•Production Control, System Administration
•Management Planning
•Administrative Strategy
•Design, R&D

Side Forum
Smart Automotive Factory Development Summit

China International Automotive Technology Expo, shorted for AUTO TECH, was created by Watsonun Exhibition, is to build the platform for automotive engineers. AUTO TECH always gather the latest automotive technology, such as electronics, test, connected car, smart factory, lightweight, autonomous driving ect. As China's leading exhibition specialized in automotive technology, we welcome you to join us !

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