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The 7th China International Automotive Technology Expo 2020

Time:November11-17,2020Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China


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  • DETROIT — How does an automaker cover the cost of developing next-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology without piling hundreds or thousands of dollars onto the cost of today's cars and trucks? For General Motors, the answer is to pursue nonautomotive partnerships and commercial revenue opportunities ahead of offering the long-promised technology to consumers.
  • Autonomous driving is creating a need for a new breed of in-vehicle networking solutions that can transmit data between the increasing number of high-resolution sensors, cameras and processing engines at blazing-fast speeds. Against this background, a number of players from the automotive and semiconductor industry announced the formation of the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance, to drive the ecosystem development required for the next generation of Multi-Gig Ethernet networking in vehicles.
  • Stadium Group has been awarded a substantial new supply contract by Trak Global. This contract, worth £5 million, builds on the existing partnership between the two companies and will see Stadium continue to produce Trak Global's Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) units, which are fitted to vehicles to monitor individual driving styles.
  • 作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区...
  • 作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区领先的汽车技术展览会,中国(重庆)国际汽车技术展作为中西部地区...
China International Automotive Technology Expo, shorted for AUTO TECH, was created by Watsonun Exhibition, is to build the platform for automotive engineers. AUTO TECH always gather the latest automotive technology, such as electronics, test, connected car, smart factory, lightweight, autonomous driving ect. As China's leading exhibition specialized in automotive technology, we welcome you to join us !

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